Check List of Washington Flora in Ferry County

This is a check list of the Vascular Plant List in Ferry County. I will link the flowers I’ve seen, created a page for and photographed. Any plants I find outside this list will be named at the bottom of the page.

List covers plants found in Ferry County.  Combination of plant lists of areas within Ferry County, with the addition of names of plants in the UW and WSU herbariums that were collected in Ferry County.  700 spp., 68 introduced.  List prepared by Don Knoke, 2004.

These lists represent the work of different WNPS members over the years.

Their accuracy has not been verified by the Washington Native Plant Society.

We offer these lists to individuals as a tool to enhance the enjoyment and study of native plants.

Common Name
Sub-alpine fir
Douglas maple
Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
Monkshood (Aconitum columbianum)
Nettle-leaf horse-mint
Orange agoseris
Mountain agoseris (Agoseris glauca)
Annual agoseris
Bearded wheatgrass
Crested wheat-grass
Thickspike wheatgrass
Quack grass
Scribner’s wheatgrass
Blue-bunch wheatgrass
Spike bentgrass
Interrupted apera
Colonian bentgrass
Thurber bentgrass
Variable bentgrass
Narrowleaf waterplantain
American waterplantain
Nodding onion
Mountain alder
Sitka alder
Short-awned foxtail
Serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia)
Pearly everlasting
Cliff anemone
Oregon anemone
Sharp-tooth angelica
Tall pussy-toes
Woodrush pussy-toes
Rosy pussy-toes
Field pussy-toes
Raceme pussy-toes
Umber pussy-toes
Sweet vernalgrass
Spreading dogbane
Golden columbine
Red columbine
Spreadingpod rockcress
Drummond’s rockcress
Tower mustard
Hairy rockcress
Holboell’s rockcress (Arabis holboellii)
Woody-branch rockcress
Small-leaf rockcress
Hoary rockcress
Sicklepod rockcress
Wild sarsaparilla
Prickly sandwort
Thread-leaved sandwort
Bluntleaf sandwort
Thyme-leaf sandwort
Heart-leaf arnica
Sticky arnica
Hairy arnica
Nodding arnica
Twin arnica
Western mugwort
Big sagebrush
Three-tip sagebrush
Wild ginger
Indian’s dream fern
Showy aster
Wild aster
Great northern aster
Wreath aster
Rough-leaf aster
Alpine milk-vetch
Canada milk-vetch
Dwarf milkvetch
Weedy milk-vetch
Lady fern
Garden orache
Arrow-leaf balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata)
Tall Oregongrape (mahonia aquifolium)
Creeping Oregongrape
Bog birch
Water birch
Paper birch
Scalloped moonwort
Narrow-leaf grapefern
Mingan moonwort
Mountain moonwort
Peculiar moonwort
Virginia grape-fern
Rattlesnake grass
California brome
Common chess
Smooth brome
Soft brome
Cheat grass
Narrow-leaf brome
Northern reedgrass
Slimstem reedgrass
Purple pinegrass
Sagebrush mariposa (Calochortus macrocarpus)
Fairy slipper
Common camas
Hairy false-flax
Parry’s hare-bell
Common harebell (Campanula rotundifolia)
Scouler’s harebell
Shepherd’s purse
Little Western bittercress
Pennsylvania bittercress
Globepodded hoary cress
Big-leaf sedge
Columbia sedge
Water sedge
Northern clustered sedge
Awned sedge
Slender-beak sedge
Golden sedge
Bebb’s sedge
Short-beaked sedge
Brown sedge
Silvery sedge
Northwest sedge
Cusick’s sedge
Dewey’s sedge
Soft-leaved sedge
Different-nerved sedge
Hood’s sedge
Inland sedge
Smooth-stemmed sedge
Slender sedge
Lenticular sedge
Sierra hare sedge
Bristle-stalked sedge
Shore sedge
Merten’s sedge
Small-winged sedge
Pachystachy sedge
Liddon’s sedge
Mountain hare sedge
Coastal stellate sedge
Silver sedge
Meadows sedge
Raynold’s sedge
Knot-leaf sedge
Ross’ sedge
Beaked sedge
Rocky Mountain sedge
Sawbeak sedge
Many-headed sedge
Tahoe sedge
Slender sedge
Beaked sedge
Inflated sedge
Green sedge
Deer paintbrush (Castilleja cervina)
Elmer’s paintbrush (Castilleja elmeri)
Harsh paintbrush (Castilleja hispida)
Green paintbrush (Castilleja lutescens)
Scarlet paintbrush (Castilleja miniata)
Thompson’s paintbrush (Castilleja thompsonii)
Redstem ceanothus
Black knapweed
Nodding chickweed
Mouse-ear chickweed
Dusty maidens
Jerusalem oak
Fremont’s goosefoot
Little pipsissewa
Gray rabbit-brush
Enchanter’s nightshade
Canada thistle
Wavy-leaved thistle
Bull thistle
Ragged Robin
Common clarkia
Western spring beauty (Claytonia lanceolata)
Red miner’s lettuce
Columbia virgin’s bower (Clematis columbiana)
Virgin’s bower
Queen’s cup
Small-flowered blue-eyed Mary
Large-flowered collomia
Narrow-leaf collomia
Diffuse collomia
Spotted coral-root
Western coral-root
Yellow coral-root
Red-osier dogwood
Golden corydalis
Slender hawksbeard
Bearded hawksbeard
Gray hawksbeard
Slender cryptantha
Obscure cryptantha
Pine woods cryptantha
Torrey’s cryptantha
Cascade parsley fern
Parsley fern
Turpentine spring-parsley
Common hound’s-tongue
Mountain lady’s-slipper (Cypripedium montanum)
Fragile fern
Orchard grass
Timber oatgrass
Few-flowered wild oatgrass
Meadow larkspur
Pale larkspur
Upland larkspur
Mountain hairgrass
Annual hairgrass
Slender hairgrass
Western tansymustard
Mountain tansymustard
Grass pink
Dutchman’s breeches
Steer’s head
Sierra fairy-bell
Seashore salt grass
Cusick’s shooting star
Few-flowered shooting star
Snow douglasia
Wood’s draba
Slender draba
Spring whitlow-grass
American dragonhead
Crested shield fern
Needle spike-rush
Common spike-rush
Canadian waterweed
Nodding wildrye
Western ryegrass
Creeping wild rye
Alpine willow-herb
Common willow-herb
Small-flowered willow-herb
Tall annual willow-herb
Watson’s willow-herb
Common horsetail
Swamp horsetail
Scouring rush
Smooth scouring-rush
Marsh horsetail
Bitter fleabane
Alice fleabane
Cut-leaved daisy
Long-leaf fleabane
Spreading daisy
Thread-leaf fleabane (Erigeron filifolius)
Desert yellow daisy
Subalpine daisy
Philadelphia daisy
Shaggy fleabane
Showy fleabane
Daisy fleabane
Three-veined fleabane
Northern buckwheat
Douglas’ buckwheat
Parsnip-flowered buckwheat
Snow buckwheat
Sulfur buckwheat
Broom buckwheat
Slender cottongrass
Oregon sunshine
Glacier lily
Tall fescue
Barren fescue
California fescue
Blue bunchgrass
Western fescue
Sheep fescue
Red fescue
Rough fescue
Green fescue
Wild strawberry (fragaria vesca)
Woods strawberry
Columbia frasera
Yellow bell (Fritillaria pudica)
Blanket-flower (Gaillardia aristata)
Low mountain bedstraw
Northern bedstraw
Shrubby bedstraw
Small bedstraw
Fragrant bedstraw
Spreading groundsmoke
Norhern gentian
Bicknell’s geranium
Wild geranium
Sticky geranium
Large-leaved avens
Water avens
Prairie smoke
Skyrocket (Ipomopsis aggregata)
Northern mannagass
Fowl mannagrass
Oak fern
White bog-orchid
Small northern bog-orchid
Slender bog-orchid
Alaska rein-orchid
Okanogon stickseed
Many-flowered stickseed
Blue stickseed
Common sunflower
Cow parsnip
Dwarf hesperochiron
Water star-grass
Lava alumroot
Smooth alumroot
White-flowered hawkweed
Hounds-tongue hawkweed
Slender hawkweed
Scouler’s hawkweed
Mare’s tail
Ocean spray
Wall barley
Woolly breeches
Klamath weed
Streambank globemallow
Spiny-spored quillwort
Lake quillwort
Baltic rush
Short-leaved rush
Toad rush
Colorado rush
Drummond’s rush
Soft rush
Daggerleaf rush
Merten’s rush
Parry’s rush
Slender rush
Mountain juniper
Rocky Mountain juniper
Prairie junegrass
Bristly stickseed
Western stickseed
Western larch
Trapper’s tea
Common duckweed
Star duckweed
Fall dandelion
Leatherleaf saxifrage
Dwarf lewisia
Canby’s lovage
Gray’s lovage
Tiger lily (Lilium columbianum)
Theadleaf linanthus
Northern linanthus
Butter and eggs
Northern twayblade
Northwestern twayblade
Heart-leaved twayblade
Smooth woodland-star
Small-flowered prairie-star
Columbia puccoon
Swale desert-parsley
Fern-leaf biscuit-root
Coeur d’Alene desert-parsley
Fennel-leaved lomatium
Geyer’s desert-parsley
Large-fruited lomatium
Nine-leaf lomatium
Black twinberry
Utah honeysuckle
Spanish clover
Partridge foot
Silvercrown luina
Tailcup lupine
Big-leaf lupine
Silky lupine
Sulphur lupine
Field woodrush
Congensed woodrush
Smooth woodrush
Small-flowered woodrush
Spiked woodrush
Stiff clubmoss
Ground cedar
Northern bugleweed
Tufted loosestrife
Hoary aster
Little tarweed
Small-head tarweed
Pineapple weed
Black medic
Showy oniongrass
Alaska onion-grass
Field mint
Bushy mentzelia
Fool’s huckleberry
Small bluebells
Tall bluebells
Nodding microseris
Wavyleaf microseris
Pink microsteris
Brewer’s monkey-flower
Common monkey-flower
Leafy mitrewort
Alpine mitrewort
Three-tooth mitrewort
Mountain monardella
Narrow-leaf montia
Streambank spring beauty
Blue forget-me-not
Siberian water-milfoil
Spiked water-milfoil
Whorled water-milfoil
Wavy water-nymph
Great Basin nemophila
Small-flowered nemophila
Apple of Peru
Pond lily
Hilgard’s evening-primrose
Common evening-primrose
Devil’s club
Clustered broomrape
Naked broom-rape
Hairy owl-clover
Thin-leaved owl-clover
Mountain sweet-cicely
Western sweet-cicely
Purple sweet-cicely
Field locoweed
Mountain box
Scribner witchgrass
Fringed grass-of-Parnassus
Bracted lousewort
Coiled lousewort
Sickletop lousewort
Yellow penstemon
Shrubby penstemon
Sweet coltsfoot
Arrowleaf coltsfoot
Franklin’s phacelia
White-leaf phacelia
Thread-leaf phacelia
Tufted phlox
Spreading phlox
Long-leaf phlox
Showy phlox
Red mountain heather
Mallow ninebark
Engelmann spruce
White-bark pine
Lodgepole pine
Ponderosa pine
Scouler’s popcorn-flower
Slender popcorn-flower
Alpine bluegrass
Annual bluegrass
Bulbous bluegrass
Canadian bluegrass
Cusick’s bluegrass
Bog bluegrass
Wood bluegrass
Wheeler’s bluegrass
Fowl meadow-grass
Kentucky bluegrass
Sandberg’s bluegrass
Pine bluegrass
Merrill’s bluegrass
Showy Jacob’s ladder
Water smartweed
Douglas’ knotweed
Kellogg’s knotweed
Willow weed
Wiry knotweed
Holly fern
Quaking aspen
Black cottonwood
Northern pondweed
Large-flowered pondweed
Grass-leaved pondweed
Illinois pondweed
Floating-leaf pondweed
Fennel-leaf pondweed
White-stalked pondweed
Small pondweed
Richardson’s pondweed
Robbin’s pondweed
Eel-grass pondweed
Biennial cinquefoil
Diverse-leaved cinquefoil
Sticky cinquefoil
Graceful cinquefoil
Marsh cinquefoil
Erect cinquefoil
Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris)
Bitter cherry
Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana L.)
Douglas fir
Pink wintergreen
Green wintergreen
Snowline pyrola
One-sided wintergreen
Little-leaf buttercup
Water buttercup
Snow buttercup
Lesser spearwort
Sagebrush buttercup
Gmelin’s buttercup
Macoun’s buttercup
Celery-leaved buttercup
Little buttercup
Alder buckthorn
White rhododendron
Wax currant
Northern black currant
White-stem gooseberry
Prickly currant
Northern gooseberry
Sticky currant
Spreading yellowcress
Baldhip rose
Nootka rose
Wood’s rose
Red raspberry (Rubus idaeus)
Thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus)
Strawberry bramble
Dwarf red blackberry
Sheep sorrel
Sour dock
Willow dock
Arctic pearlwort
Alpine pearlwort
Barclay’s willow
Bebb willow
Pacific willow
Diamond leaf willow
Mackenzie willow
Scouler willow
Blue elderberry
Red elderberry
Annual burnet
Bouncing Bett
Spotted saxifrage
Grassland saxifrage
Western saxifrage
Hard-stem bulrush
Small-flowered bulrush
Lance-leaf figwort
Narrow-leaved skullcap
Marsh skullcap
Mad-dog skullcap
Lance-leaved stonecrop
Worm-leaf stonecrop
Compact selaginella
Wallace’s selaginella
Rayless mountain butterweed
Western groundsel
Canada butterweed
Streambank butterweed
Cleft-leaf groundsel
Arrowleaf groundsel
Buffalo berry
Creeping sibbaldia
Sleepy catchfly
Douglas’ silene
Menzies’ silene
Parry’s silene
Northern blue-eyed grass
False Solomon’s seal
Star-flowered Solomon’s seal
Bittersweet nightshade
Meadow goldenrod
Missouri goldenrod
Cascade mountain-ash
Sitka mountain-ash
Floating bur-reed
Simplestem bur-reed
Small bur-reed
Red sandspurry
Birch-leafed spirea
Hooded ladies-tresses
Great duckweed
Northern starwort
Crisped starwort
Long-leaved starwort
Long-stalked starwort
Shining chickweed
Blunt-sepaled starwort
Bronze bells
Lemmon’s needlegrass
Western needlegrass
Clasping-leaved twisted-stalk
Buttercup-leaf suksdorfia
Violet suksdorfia
Common snowberry
Creeping snowberry
Mountain snowberry
Okanogan fameflower
Common tansy
Red-seeded dandelion
Western yew
Grey horse-brush
Western meadowrue
Sierra wood-fern
Western red cedar
Meadow salsify
False bugbane
Yellow clover
Cup clover
Alsike clover
Woolly clover
Red clover
White clover
White-tip clover
Purple trillium
Venus’ looking-glass
Tall trisetum
Nodding trisetum
Downy oat-grass
Western hemlock
Mountain hemlock
Narrow-leved cattail
Common cattail
Stinging nettle
Common bladderwort
Dwarf bilberry
Mountain huckleberry (Vaccinium Membranaceum)
Low bilberry
Sitka valerian
American wild cerery
Common mullein
American brooklime
Water pimpernel
Chain speedwell
Purslane speedwell
Marsh speedwell
Thyme-leaf speedwell
American vetch
Early blue violet (Viola adunca)
Canadian violet (Viola canadensis)
Stream violet (Viola glabella)
Small white violet
Yellow prairie violet
Round-leaved violet
Marsh violet
Kidney-leved violet
Oregon woodsia
Rocky Mtn. woodsia
Glaucous zygadene
Meadow death camas (Zigadenus venenosus)

Plants not on the list

Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Pacific Strawberry (Fragaria crinita)
Columbia coreopsis (coreopsis-tinctoria)
Narrowleaf hawkweed (Hieracium umbellatum)
Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)
Deptford Pink (Dianthus armeria)
American Twinflowers (Linnaea borealis)

*Important Information concerning edible and non-edible plants and berries

It’s important to understand toxicity in order to understand what I classify as edible and non-edible plants and berries. By edible it means that unless you were to have an allergic reaction the plant or berry they can be eaten by just about anyone. Herbalist understand the complexity of toxicity and thus know how much of some toxic plants can be eaten and if your partaking in any plants with any toxicity then one should consult a herbalist in order to determine how much can be taken. Thus, I do not really discuss any herbal recommendations on this site. Almost anyone can visit a herbal store and discuss local plants with people who are versed well in the knowledge of plants that can be eaten for herbal or healing reasons. Do research first…

Herbal Books

Meanwhile, with berries. The recommendation is that many berries are easy to confuse especially if you pick them while not experiencing the plant year round so it’s recommended that you rub the berry juice on your lips and leave it that way for a half of hour. If the berry produces no ill effects (like numbness for example or a small developing rash) then they are safe to eat. Another prime method of telling it look at the tree or bush, has it’s been disturbed by animals (deer eating off of it, birds in the bush etc…?) then in general the berries will be safe to eat. If the tree looks undisturbed I would suggest leaving the berries alone – like with the snow berry which has berries even when snow begins to fall, no birds, bears or deer eat these berries and thus they are not recommended for human consumption.

The important thing is know your plant before you eat it you can never do too much research on the subject before enjoying everything nature offers us.


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