Steller’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)

Steller Jay in Pine

Steller Jay stealing a peanut

This is one of my favorite winter birds. If you’re local they love peanuts and will come to the feeder during the winter months. In the spring and summer they nest high in the mountains to breed and have their young and come down when the snow fall is deep in order to get nuts. If you’ve seen Blue Jays or any Jay really they’re about the same size and often will steal dog food out of our puppy bin. This is a Rocky Mountain variant of the Blue Jay. I’d say a comparison in size would be a small sized crow. Often when I’m on my deck they’ll dance above my head on the deck above and sneak down the cable dish to steal peanuts from the bowl. I’ve noticed that all the markings seem to be the same irregardless of age or sex.

Cornell Lab Id’ing of Steller Jay


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