American Black Bear (Ursus americanus)

Here is a young bear with what I assume is the mother. I’m guessing the first bear walking on the screen is an older cub.

Black Bear in Colville National Forest

A nosy little black bear found our trail cam on this last video.

Location: Colville National Forest (Ferry County)

Information: The American Black Bear is one of our most adaptive creatures in the woods and do not seem to be unable to live and thrive in almost any environment. (Which includes suburbs which creep up on forested lands.) Right now all bears are mildly threatened from “suburban scrawl” as all of them need ample space to eat and having their young. Tracking of bears are actually very simple however the very shy creatures are not easily seen. They are famous for poor eyesight which is why hikers are encouraged to make noise, especially talking, as they will rarely attack humans. Any time I’ve ran into they they choose to flee by simply saying loudly, “go away bear!”

Identification: A Washington black bear is not easy to identify except to say when in doubt call it a black bear. There have been occasional “grizzly” sightings however my guess is they saw a “brown” black bear and it was not really a grizzly. {For example of a “brown” black bear view the mom & young bear video.} Even forest rangers say that grizzly’s exist in this forest range however few photographs have been taken to record that effect. Here is a very informative page created by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Living with Black Bears

Last thought; The video’s lost some of the quality by linking it here. If you’d like to see it at a higher resloution you can go to these links which will take you to the Youtube page and click on the link under the videos that says, “watch in high quality”

Mom & Young Bear
Black Bear
Curious Bear


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