Bluebell-of-Scotland (Campanula rotundifolia)

Location: Mount Bisbee Washington

Information: I think finding this little guy is based upon elevation as I’ve rarely seen it lower than at a 1000 ft. Few wildflowers actually inspire song but this tiny thing is one of them, the Scottish have a song about love, war and this little flower. (Lyrics are below) Because of the inspiration there are so many names for this little flower it’s amazing; harebell, bluebell bellflower and even common bluebell.
USDA Plant Database
E-Flora BC

Lyrics to the Song:


Oh where, tell me where, is your Highland laddie gone?
He’s gone wi’ streaming banners where noble deeds are done
And it’s oh, in my heart I wish him safe at home

Oh where, tell me where, did your Highland laddie dwell?
He dwelt in Bonnie Scotland, where blooms the sweet blue bell
And it’s oh, in my heart I lo’ed my laddie well

Oh what, tell me what, does your Highland laddie wear?
A bonnet with a lofty plume, and on his breast a plaid
And it’s oh, in my heart I lo’ed my Highland lad

Oh what, tell me what, if your Highland laddie is slain?
Oh no, true love will be his guard and bring him safe again
For it’s oh, my heart would break if my Highland lad were slain


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