Wild American Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus)

American Red Raspberry
in the field

American red raspberry leaf
raspberry leaf

on the plate at home

Location: Right off Enquist Rd. Kettle Falls Wa.


American Red Raspberry is very common in areas that have once burnt down or has been logged recently a common plant near it is the thimble berry. Our little grove grows about 200 feet from a small creek in an area where logs were dropped and the kids pick it every summer. The berries are smaller then your typical store bought raspberries but much tastier. Be careful of the thorns and pick them early. If your in the forest you won’t be the only one eyeing the bush; the berries are loved by everything from birds to bears.

The berries can be utilized in anyway a store bought raspberry can be used. In pies, jellies, etc… however because of the small size you’ll need more and because of the fabulous taste you’ll probably like the pie much better.


USDA on American Red Raspberry

E-Flora on American Red Raspberry


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