Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris)



self-heal top view

Location: Mount Bisbee Washington state

Information: This herb sometimes is sometimes called common all-heal or common self-heal. The plant is edible however too small to collect as a means to control ones appetite but is occasionally added to tea for healing oneself. The idea goes back to the style of the petals. Many healers in the past assumed that if a plant looked like something it contained the ability to fix that problem. Thus love potions were created from Dutchman’s breeches (with the assumption it would put a man’s breeches on your line) to all-heal which the petals look like a throat and thus, must fix issues concerning the body. To this day it is utilized in herbal medication for many ailments. For those interested in the herbal aspect of the flower here is a site to explain it;

Herbal summary of self-heal


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