Yellow bells (Fritillaria pudica)

Yellow Bell

Yellow Bell



Location: Nancy Creek, Washington state
Information: This is a small early spring flower usually blanketing the forest floor, in my case I’ve noticed they tend to grow on rock cropping that are covered in dirt. Other common names of this flower are yellow fritillary and yellow mission bells. There is a variation in color from bright yellow to even a dark reddish color, most being yellow or orange. The bulbs of this plant are edible however in order to make a meal one would have to collect so many that most likely it would be so time consuming that a person would probably have to question both the time impact as well as the impact on the environment. In general it is not suggested except under a survival situation.

E-Flora BC

USDA Plants Datatbase


*note: anytime a plant is mentioned as edible make sure that you correctly identify the plant by doing a lot of research. If there is a question as to the species do not eat it under any circumstances.


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