Western Springbeauty (Claytonia lanceolata)


Western Springbeauty

Western Springbeauty

Location: Kelly Hill Washington


Location: Nancy Creek Washington
Information: This is actually a plant where the bulbs were dried and eaten; the difficulty is that it is so tiny that it would take a very patient person to dig up enough roots to actually make a meal. In this area many of the bulbs were dug up, dried and then pounded to make a flour for the local Indians. However all of the plant is edible and will make a pretty garnish for a salad. Ironically of the spring beauties this one would be constituted as large however the little plant that quickly draws to the surface in the beginning of spring is no more taller than a half of a pencil.
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*note: anytime a plant is mentioned as edible make sure that you correctly identify the plant by doing a lot of research. If there is a question as to the species do not eat it under any circumstances. All springbeauties are edible including a more popular tiny plant called miner’s lettuce.


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