Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

yarrow flowers tops

yarrow leaves
yarrow leaves

Location: Nancy Creek Rd. Kettle Falls Washington

Information: Yarrow is a common herb and still utilized today as a herb. The young leafs can be cooked like spinach and eaten it’s said to have a sweet taste if the shoots are young. The flowers can be made into a tea which people use today treat colds. It is both striking and shocking the amount of folklore surrounding this plant. To garner information regarding this (including it divining your true love if put under your pillow) you can go to this site.

Wikipedia on Yarrow

Identification: In this area it grows almost everywhere; It is a tall sturdy plant with bright white flowers that grow about a foot and a half tall.

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Important note: Yarrow is considered for herbalist a topical plant and if consumed in large quantities dangerous it’s not usually considered edible as it’s extremely bitter.


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