Violet-green swallow (Tachycineta thalassina)

green-violet swallows
male and female

Nesting Violet Green Swallow
female nesting

violet-green swallow

profile violet-green swallow
male in bluebird box

violet-green swallow
male on bluebird box

Cornell’s page on Violet green swallows

Identification: Two things identify the violet green swallow; one, is the wings which tends to extend beyond it’s tail when it’s in a landed position the other is the white above the eye-line. This white line is less distinguished in the female but still exists – this eye-line combined with the white breast can make for a positive identification.

note: If blue bird boxes are set up this is a people friendly bird and will most likely visit your yard especially if you live in a woodland or rural area. While in flight they are catching bugs which makes for a stunning display of flight which so far because of their natural speed abilities I’ve been unable to catch on the camera.


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