Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)



Osprey Nest

Cornell’s page on Osprey

Identification: Id’ing large raptors is difficult in flight especially when they get as large as the bald eagle and the osprey. One means is a website that has helped me on many occasions called birdforum.net, the people are very friendly, helpful and are masters at raptor identification. Meanwhile, the osprey is commonly identified by the dark “mask” across it’s eyes and white breast. They are more commonly over bodies of water or at a nest site – it is common birder knowledge to not bother the nesting site of an osprey as they will abandon the nest often so it’s best observed at a far distance for the sake of the bird. If your lucky enough to witness one fishing they hunt unlike any other predator. They fly straight down with the talons stretched out to grab the fish. Because of the unique hunting technique Osprey’s make bird watching fascinating even for those who do not normally notice what happening in our skies.


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