Woodland Strawberry (Fragaria)

woodland strawberry
Woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca)
Location: Enquist Rd. Kettle Falls Washington

wild strawberry leaf

wild strawberry
berries on vine
Location: Mount Bisbee Washington

Pacific strawberry (Fragaria crinita)
Location: Mount Bisbee Washington

Identification: There are various forms of woodland strawberries in the Washington woods and all can be eaten. The berries are strikingly small in comparison to the berry commonly found stores. Imagine a berry about the size of your pinkie nail and you’d be close to how small they are however, the taste is much better then the store version when picked fresh. It would be difficult to collect enough to make a jelly, jam or pie but as a trail snack it is wonderful. All have the typical jagged dark green leaf of a store strawberry though the colors of the flowers can range from yellow to white. The tiny strawberry is unmistakable in appearance.


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