Bald Eagle Images (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Adult Bald Eagles

incoming eagle

Bald Eagle

bald eagle in flight2

Bald Eagle in flight


Juvenile Bald Eagles

2nd year Bald Eagle 3

Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight (1st year)

Juvenile Bald Eagle

3rd year Bald Eagle

Information; Cornell’s page on Bald Eagles

Identification; The most difficult aspect of Id’ing a bald eagle is that it take five years for the bird to gain the white head and tail plumage that we are familiar with – in this case I identified the juveniles because they were in an area highly populated with eagles. Other indicators are the feet which are bright yellow even in the juvenile. Most large prey birds have patterned molting however with the juvenile eagle have parts that are white and parts that are brown in a very unpredictable manner. In flight they are most likely confused with the turkey vulture however most of the time a turkey vulture in flight looks as if it has no head while an eagle extends it’s head straight out a turkey vulture tucks it’s head and looks straight down. Another problem is the juvenile golden eagle which can be identified primarily by the “boot” or fuzz on the feet which the bald eagle does not have.


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